the dream of someday

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Once upon a time I used to be a teenager.
And one day that teenager happened upon a little white ceramic tea pot.

Despite the absurdity of it...

Why does a teenager need a tea pot?
I certainly wasn't the tea pot type...if there is such a thing?

...I bought it.

And kept it packed away in newspaper for...someday.

Someday I'd have a husband.
Someday I'd have a child, or two, or four.
Someday we'd have a tea party together.

The years went by.

I am no longer a teenager.

And as I sat at a table this week, surrounded by my four children, sipping my tea and laughing over the lack of tea time manners from the youngest guest...I remembered.

I remembered that someday dream.
That seemingly absurd purchase of a ceramic tea pot.
That is now used on an almost weekly basis.

My someday is now.

And its better and harder and more rewarding and agonizing and blissful and more beautiful than I ever dreamed it would be.

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Tasha Via said...

How awesome is that! What a sweet story.

Megan said...

love that last line so much! oh, how i can relate! beautiful post.

nice story! thanks for sharing..