thursday thoughts

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5 days down from our 7 day daddy's gone countdown.
It has been a good week, and the kids have done great. I even think that this mommy hasn't done too bad, all things considered. However, I am not being overly dramatic when I say that this has seemed like the longest week of my life. The days are just dragging...

We came up to VA yesterday to get in some family togetherness time with Meme and Poppee. 
A change of scenery was just what we needed!

Nothing like a Meme hug.

Eli loves Poppee's motorcycle =)

The team in Haiti is doing great...projects being completed and lives being led to Christ! It makes my "struggle" this week absolutely worth it when I hear of the work being done. I'm so thrilled to get to be a behind the scenes part of the Lords work. 

Speaking of Haiti, for any local readers, I have a friend who is leading a sewing class on Sunday, April 21st at 1pm at Spoonflower in Durham with the goal of sewing 50 pillowcase dresses to send down with a team this summer. The class is free, and you can find out all the details here. Ella and I will be there and we'd love to have you!

3 more days to go...3 more days to go...

Happy Thursday!
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