thursday thoughts: diddly and squat

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The title of this post is entirely misleading, as I have done the complete opposite of diddly squat this week. It's like the spring cleaning/motivating bug bit me, or something. Or maybe it is just that I was so happy to have my husband back from Haiti and to not be single-parenting it that I went way overboard on my to-do list this week?

Whatever the reason, it has been a very productive week.

Operation swap-summer-for-winter-clothes for all four kids is finalized.
(Can I get an amen from all you other mommies who realize what a big task this is?!)

Operation vegetable-garden is almost finished, and while it isn't near as big as our garden at the farm (we are doing two raised beds) it will be nice to have home grown veggies this summer.

The kids helped with every single step and are totally into the gardening thing this fun!

The two pale-haired helpers. Zoe was asleep and Eli was at speech therapy.
But don't worry...they ALL got plenty of chances to help =)

Our home school is really winding down for the year. I am struggling to find motivation and creativity in these last few weeks...but we are still having fun and plugging along. I decided not to introduce any new science units or artists/composers/authors, but instead to spend these weeks reviewing and making sure they have a good grasp on all the concepts and skills we have worked on this year.

In 8 days I will be (Lord-willing) sitting on a Caribbean beach with my favorite person in the world on the first day of our week long 10 year anniversary celebration. Not that I'm counting down the days or anything, ha!

I am almost finished my 5k training program. I have really enjoyed it and was surprised at how effective the program is in increasing my stamina for running. Now, if I could only find a free Saturday to actually run in a 5k...that would be a miracle! Not that I am complaining as my photo business has been keeping me very busy...I am officially booked into July right now!

Happy Thursday!

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ADawson said...

I'm pretty sure we have a picture of Jeremiah in the same shirt/same hair/same age somewhere :-)