Nancy Drew and the case of the missing crayons...

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Ella went into roomtime yesterday with a princess coloring book and a full basket of crayons.

Coming out of roomtime what did she have?...

Princess coloring book?...check!


Hmmm...where did ALL those crayons go?

Under the bed? No.
In the toy basket? No.
In her bed? No.
In her book basket? No.
In Ezra's crib? No.

Hmmm...where could they be?

Calling Ella in the room at this point...

Me: Ella where did all your crayons go?
Ella: I put them in the mouse hole
Me: Show me where the mouse hole is baby...

We have no idea how she got ALL of them into the "mouse hole"...
but, they are long gone!
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Becky Swann said...

This is hilarious!

Tasha Via said...

oh no!!! Every single one of them?

not a one left!

Tim said...

ha! that's awesome, now the mouse can color too - if only he had a coloring book. maybe ella can help out with that one.

I should have bought her some crayons for Christmas. Well, maybe in her stocking. This blog made me laugh out loud.

Briana said...

this story sounds like it should be a children's book, maybe from the mice's perspective. Something about "Santa" bringing them their Christmas crayons. I think you might be on to soemthing there. ;)

love ya

Heather said...

That is so funny!

that is very funny! Wouldn't you love to hear their thoughts and processes sometimes?

Allyson Hemric said...

so um what happened to the mouse?