fake it till you make it

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Yesterday was one of those days.

I won't bore you with every detail, but lets just say the day involved the news that the van was still not fixed so why not throw more money into it, a cancelled playdate for the kids, and NUMEROUS spilled cups, bowls, and food items. Oh, and Jeremiah was stuck in our favorite town of Walterboro, SC again with the supposed to be fixed van and I was unexpectedly single parenting it for two days.

Everything seemed to go wrong (in a first world way) and I am not going to lie...I was fighting off a bad ugly attitude.

I knew things could be worse.
But I also knew things could be a lot better.
And I just wanted better.

It didn't get better.

And I don't have any magic words of how a butterfly landed on my arm and reminded me of the promise of ___________. Or how I saw a triple rainbow. Or a dove. Or a vision of the Lord.

What did happen was I faked it. I pulled Ella aside and told her that I was really struggling with a bad attitude and I wanted to just wallow in it...could she pray for me. Hearing her sweet prayer didn't change anything other than I determined that I wasn't going to take it out on my day with the kids...and I set out to fake it.

For their sake, of course.

But a little later into the day I realized I wasn't faking it anymore.
I was making it.

Who knew that some good parenting and life practice would include faking it?!

I love everything about this picture, from the scraped knee on Eli to the sweet return of Abby... and the sunshine after many  many days of rain. For the record, Eli scraped his knee while chasing after Abby, whom he had tied up to the baby stroller as a "chariot". That boy. 

**I loved this post by my sister in Uganda about her (un)glamorous day!**

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Tasha Via said...

Here's to a better day today! And hopefully you won't even have to fake it to get to the making part:)

Love you Jenn!