thursday thoughts (on Friday)

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We are taking all four kids and the dog camping this weekend.
Tent camping.


What in the world are we thinking?

We are going with good friends, happy hearts, lots of food, and very low expectations.

We are making good headway on our summer of fun bucket list. Kids loved the new park we found...

Zoe is rocking quite the glorious mullet in this picture.

Talk about low expectations...getting pictures with all four kids (and now a dog) in them!

In other news, our van is up for sale. Totally rebuilt transmission with upgraded transmission cooler with warranty so it is guaranteed not to happen again. Leather seats, Dvd player, etc. If anybody is interested...

Remember how I wrote that we had a trellis mishap with the garden that snapped our pepper plants in half? Well, lookee here:

It's a miracle =)

Aw, look...a cucumber!

I know, I know...enough about the vegetables.

I usually don't do weddings with my photography business. I love weddings,  I just hate the pressure that comes with it. And the fact that I really don't have the adequate equipment needed to capture a wedding. If a family session flops or it rains or my camera and back up camera biggie. If something happens on a wedding day...its a biggie.

That said, I seem to have been doing a lot of weddings lately, ha!
I was a "second shooter" for a wedding 2 weekends ago and had the task of capturing some of the grooms moments...

I enjoyed the challenge of it and the out-of-my-normal family session photography routine.
Not that I plan on jumping into weddings on a regular basis anytime soon!

Ok, now I'm off to finish packing up what seems like an enormous amount of stuff to "rough it" for camping.

Happy Friday!

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