Not Me Monday

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We did not get a dog over the weekend. After all, I have four kids, one of whom is still in diapers...who needs to add a dog to all the chaos?

We did not lose a dog over the weekend. Apparently dogs can squeeze through tiny little cracks in fences. Tiny. Little. Cracks.

We are not headed to the animal shelter this morning with the highest of hopes in recovering missing dog.

It's a good thing I have had more success with keeping up with my kids than the dog. I've only lost one of them, it wasn't within the first 24 hours of having her, and she was recovered within the longest and most panicked 5 minutes of my life.

I mean, I have never lost a kid.

Nope, not me.

**I don't even have a picture to post of said dog because she wasn't here long enough for me to actually get a picture of her. My apologies for the pictureless post.**

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So glad she is back with you all.