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Let me first say that I'm not pregnant.

However, I have been so hungry this week. As in, raiding the pantry, fridge, and freezer after the kids go to rest time or bed time kind of hungry. I'd say growth spurt if it was one of my kids, but I'm pretty sure I can't use that excuse.

Ezra made a roller-skate. He disassembled a truck for the wheels, drilled holes for the axles, and duct taped the block to his flip-flop. He only made one because he said he only wanted one, for it to be a "roller-skate-scooter". Of course. That makes perfect sense.

That boy is happiest when working on a project.

I found these flowers at a park during a recent photo shoot and they me think of a Dr. Seuss book or movie. Yes?! Pretty, but also just a little bit weird looking. Anyone know what it is?

Our vegetable garden is doing great! We started eating cherry tomatoes, squash, and zucchini from it last week...yum! A strong gust of wind knocked over our cucumber trellis and broke our pepper plants in half, so I'm pretty sure we can take peppers off the menu for the summer. Bummer. 

We got our text books in that I ordered while at the homeschool book fair a couple of weeks ago. Its a little crazy to think I'll be teaching a 2nd grader, 1st grader, and kindergartner. I think I'm gonna feel like that with each new transition to the next year. 

Ella was playing with my shoes in my closet one night this week and tried on my wedding shoes. She is this close to fitting into them...geesh. Talk about crazy and transitions.

We've been to the pool a lot this week and in true Zoe fashion, she has decided she wants to proceed on the fast track to learn to swim. The girl has become so brave in the water and will jump right in off the last step. I will not be surprised if she isn't starting to really swim by the end of the summer, cause she is crazy like that. 

I think the kids were hinting that they were ready to go swimming in this picture?! 

Well, I'm off to the gym in an attempt to counter attack all the all the extra food I've consumed this week. I think the only thing that has saved me a growth spurt of the wrong proportions is that I've been extremely active this week. Or... maybe that is why I've been so hungry?!

Happy Thursday!

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Jenny Hutchison said...

The plant you asked about is a Globe Allium ...its a type of onion!