One week in...

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I am cramming to write this before out power goes out at apologies for any typos =)

We are officially one week in this Haiti adventure.

This first week has been (honest as always...) a lot harder and easier than I expected.

Here's the breakdown:

The big kids are doing better than I expected.
The housing situation with no power and feeling safe is a lot harder than I expected.
The feeling of purpose and love for our mission kids is a lot stronger than expected.
Zoe is doing about as I expected. She is struggling with the heat and doesn't like to be touched...which is just about impossible to keep all the kids hands off of her, ha! Baby step by baby step she will adjust (at least that is what I tell myself...).
The expense of living here is higher than expected. And I expected a lot! We bought $350 worth of groceries...and I doubt it will last me a week. Yikes!

The Lord's presence within this week has been so real and strong. It brings tears to my eyes as I even write it...HE is carrying us through. He is filling us with love for this people. He is calming my anxiety. He is giving me energy and strength.

I could go on and on and on...but I have exactly 7 minutes till we lose power and I need to charge up a few things.

Thanks again for all your prayers...they are helping to sustain us!

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Tasha Via said...

Love you Jenn! We always give ourselves 6 weeks after a you have AT LEAST 9 weeks when shifting countries (and kids, and belongings, and grocery shopping strategies;).

Hang in there! Know we are praying!

Kelly Via said...

Jenn-One week in! Way to go! I love reading about your expectations and how things are going to far! I only wish the power was on longer so you could have written more!! Thankful for God's strength that is so real and is being felt in your life! He is good.