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When Jeremiah and I were oh so young we went out shopping for furniture for our first apartment right before our wedding.

Of course being the naive (and frugal) people that we were (still are?) when it came to choosing a bed we looked at the options...full, queen, and king...and thought oh, we won't mind being close and a full is so much cheaper.

So that's the route we went.

Ahem. Just a few months into this whole marriage thing we realized we might have made a mistake. Sure, we like cuddling. But not when we were trying to sleep.

And especially with a man who likes to sleep with his arms crossed behind his head. Which means I have elbows in my eyeballs at random times throughout the night.

1 year. 2 years. 3 years. 4 years. 5 years. 6 years. 7 years go by.
1 child. 2 children. 3 children later.

Why did we buy a full sized bed again?

Then last weekend my parents gifted us with a king size bed.

King sized, people. That's like 17 times bigger than a full.

We slept the whole first night without bumping butts, pulling elbows out of eyeballs, or smelling stinky middle of the night breath. Amazing.

Fast forward a whole week and we are still in amazement. And adjusting. Can I admit I sort of miss those elbows? And if you have to bump butts with someone...

Just saying.


How bout you?
I'd love to hear about any newlywed naivety you quickly learned the truth about?
Or any frugal decisions that you regretted later?
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Heather said...

We have the SAME story. hahaha A friend gave us a queen size bed this year that was in a guest room. I can never see going back to a full!

Kristen said...

I would say this was more immaturity than naivety, but our first fight (JPEG) as a married couple involved water...

Our best frugal purchase was buying fiestaware from the factory seconds store...except we thought it would be really cool to buy all the colors and switch them out every holiday. I've given a bunch away since, but I'm pretty sure I still have at least 40 dinner plates.

We started with and still have a queen. But, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a King. No cuddling while sleeping for us either!!!!

Dana said...

HA! I need good sleep to BE a cuddly person! Wow...don't know HOW you were pulling off a full.

Stacey said...

My husband and I did the whole full size/king size change just this summer. After 12 years and three kids. Crazy, I know. But I know exactly what you are saying. I felt like we were on different continents for a while.

Our first married fight was over nachos. I was post-pregnant, hormonal and I sent him out for nachos with the list of what I wanted on them. Didn't write cheese because everyone knows that without the cheese, it's just a pile of tortillas right? Wrong. He came home with the list and no cheese and I was a little less than mature about it. He did well. He got the list. It was my dilemna. Who'd have thunk it?

jrsreagan said...

We decided to not buy a bed because we would rather have a cool honeymoon. We did have an awesome honeymoon and I loved every minute of it. But we spent the next year sleeping in my pewter canopy bed with blue and yellow flowers from high school. It was also a full size bed. My parents quickly felt pity and gave us a queen size bed when we moved to CA.

Becky Swann said...

We started out Marriage by pushing two sofas together, we called it "the fort"
a few months of that and we knew we were getting a King, and he has been our king ever since...HA
But I regret not registering for better slowly I am finding fun good ones at TJMAXX...aqua cuisinart yahoo!

Jeanne said...

Oh, yeah, King-size is a marriage saver! It only took us a few months, our full bed was kinda broken and was essentially a steep sideways hill.
I will never admit what we fight about, it might make me look too immature.

justbamom said...

We've been married for almost 19 years and we still sleep in a full. I'm convinced that it wouldn't matter if we had a triple-king, someone is a leech.