i got nothing. i got everything.

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I'm sorry friends if this is random and scattered...my brain is gone. Fried. Mush.

I called my Mom on Friday night and the first thing she said was, "you sound overwhelmed."
To which I replied, "yeah, its been a rough day."
To which she replied, "would you like Dad to come and bring some helpers and bring the kids home with him?"
To which I replied, "YES!"

And so, early Saturday morning my Dad came and brought in some reinforcements and took home some not so helperly helpers this afternoon.

Insert a big sigh of relief.

Big. Sigh. Of. Relief.

The final NC push happens today. The final pack ups and clean ups and close ups.

We had an incredible and very surreal send off from the church this morning.
I am so humbled by the prayers offered on our behalf.
I was completely undone by an elderly gentleman who came up to me after the first service, shook my hand very tenderly with his fragile looking hands, looked me square in the eye, and told me with tears in his eyes that he looked up to my courage.

Little miss "I-don't-cry" came undone.

Because I'm not courageous.

I'm just willing and acting on the character of the One who is worth trusting.

We are still waiting on Eli's passport. All the other kids came in, but they requested further proof of his "lawful entry into the United States." Good thing we only have about 4 million documents (of which we already submitted 2 million, but lets not go into that...) proving we didn't sneak him over the Mexican fence. Geesh. Talk about cutting it close. We did contact our senators office and they are going to step in and expedite on our behalf.

The kids said goodbye to Abby, our dog, this morning. The kids did fine with it. Me...not so much. What is it about this move that has just reduced me to a pile of tears?

On this day filled with goodbyes and see ya laters and prayers and tears and highs and lows...emotionally I am done. Stick a fork in it. I got nothing.

I also realize (once again!) through the prayers and encouragement of our friends and family and gentle reminders from the Holy Spirit that I am absolutely equipped with everything I need for this amazing journey we've been called to. I got everything.

The awesome blessings from Have Faith Haiti Mission that we get to pour our lives into.

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So excited for your family and the crazy adventure you're about to embark on. Thanks for sharing your heart and being honest about your feelings through the difficult process of saying goodbyes and moving to a foreign country. It's hard, but you guys are doing it!!!

mommajeane said...

I love you and being proud of you does not really say what I feel. I am blessed to watch you and Jeremiah follow God's call on your life. Humbled by your giving your all to Jesus for the sake of the call.

Tonya said...

You are so fabulous. Your family is so fabulous. God is SO fabulous and I'm convinced with the fullness of God that is living, breathing and moving you that you are all going to be amazingly fabulous together. I love that you are mush!

PS I love your new family pic. And I really LOVE that font.