the week in recap

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I'm not sure if this should be a "thursday thoughts" or a "not me monday" or _____________ because I have no idea what today is.

This week has been a blur. A great blur of visiting family and friends and making some serious memories! A blur none the less...

The boys got "Haiti hair-cuts."

My younger sister Molly and I on left, and my only older sister Laura Jeane and I on the right. I rarely get to see these two, so it was a nice treat for me this week to have a little bit of time with them!

We took the three bigger kids to Hersheypark for a day of fun...and they rode their first ever "loop" roller coaster. Which so happens to be my first ever "looped" roller coaster. I kept feeling like a teenager at the park and wondering who these kids were that kept hanging with me.

We made a visit to see my grandparents. My Grampa is a good artist and Ezra was so excited to draw with him. 

For the last 6 weeks it has been go, go, go in my life. This week...all that go stopped. There was nothing I "had" to do, but rather, things I wanted to do. I'll admit I was a bit out of sorts adjusting for the first day. (Jeremiah would tell you I was a lot out of sorts, ha!) But the important thing is that I was able to get into the grove of the week and totally enjoyed all our family togetherness.

The kids are all doing great. They are such troopers and have just gone with the flow all week!

Things with the house keep moving along. Our inspection and everything went well and we plan to close in October. Eli's passport finally came in this week! Shew =)

You might have noticed that the blog is looking different...we are still working on it and it should evolve even more over the next week.

Today we head to Lake Anna for a week with our Via family.

And's go time again.

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