sucker punch (for a good cause)

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Confession time.

I hate home parties.

Yes. I know hate is a strong word. But I really do.

Things I really don't need.
Money I don't have.
Did I mention the pressure. (Especially for people pleasers like myself.)

That said. I make one exception. I don't hate Pampered Chef parties.

Free food, duh.
And you can actually buy something for $5.
And I actually have used the few pampered chef items I have on a weekly if not daily basis.

I say all of that to announce that I am hosting a pampered chef party this week.

(I know...I am hearing gasp's all over the world at this announcement.) But it's for a good cause. A really good cause. A generous portion of the proceeds raised by my show will go to help bring home my two best gal pals little girls from Uganda.

So, here is your part:

1) If you got an invitation...cause I mailed out a bazillion of them. Please RSVP already. Geesh. How's a planner like me supposed to plan without knowing if I'll have 5 or 50 showing up?

2) If you didn't get an invitation but would like to come (if you are not a stalker or serial killer) let me know and I'll give you the details!

3) If you'd like to go online and place an order click here. Just make sure to put my name (Jennifer Hambrick) as the host home.

See. Isn't that easy.

And may I remind's for a good cause. A really good cause.

Just look at her...

So start shopping!
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Jeanne said...

She is gorgeous! I have not rsvp'd because I don't know if I'll make it. I will if I can. I know, for a planner that stinks as an rsvp, but I really can't solidly commit.

Woohoo! PERFECT timing! Our pizza cutter broke last night, and we have been wanting a food chopper to help with some of Sam's eating issues! Just ordered them! Hope it helps unite these families with their children,

Our Family said...
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Our Family said...

Sorry, I am slacker ... both my mom and I will be there. Will Ella be there? If so, should I bring Makenzie?

Kelly Via said...

Um...I'll be there ;) But, that's kinda a given, right?

BTW, your awesome for hosting this!!

Tasha Via said...

Thanks Jenn! You know I'll be there;)

Briana said...

oh my goodness Tasha, what a sweetie! That is the most adorable face ever!

Jenn-- i share your loathing of home parties but i would come to yours if i was in town. good luck, don't wear yourself out (p.s. mad props for doing this while impregnito)

Jeanne said...

Should I bring the beer?

Erin Hemric said...

i'll be there!

Susan said...

Still planning to be there. Are you sure about what you said Sunday? LOL! Anyway, I have a list planned of what I need to purchase and will order them Thurs. night. (Seminary life has taken its toll on my kitchen stuff, and I have saved up to purchase just from PC to help this cause!) Anything to bring a little girl home to her family! :)

Susan - yes, bring Sam along. The more the merrier! =)

Jeanne - Ha! That would be some kind of party if you brought the beer =)!!

Jamie - yes, bring Makenzie...again, the more the merrier!