From Poppy Seed to Pumpkin: Banana Week

I have reached the half way mark and my little one is the length of a banana now, approximately 10 inches. And I have officially gained 9 lbs.

Incidentally, I have been craving bananas this week.

And that also explains why I am feeling this little one move all the time now. Quite the active little bugger.

This baby can hear my voice now. And probably his/her brother's as they love to scream "wake up baby" into my belly button.

My nausea has 99% dissipated and my energy level remains pretty good. I remember the next few weeks with Ella and Ezra being almost quite enjoyable for me. In a pregnant sort of way. It is very crazy to think that I am halfway through. I cannot say this time has flown by...and I am oh so very happy to think I have less than halfway to go.

I am a month into my weekly progesterone shots which I am taking to hopefully prevent another pre-term birth. Jeremiah has perfected his shot giving technique...who knew he had it in him. Well, besides me. After all, I wouldn't have let him give me a shot in the first place if I didn't have confidence in him. Although I might have had an outer body experience at one point and fled the scene when it was time for one. But it was totally outside of my control. Really.

I have decided that if this child ever decides to rebel I will remind him/her of what I went through to bring them into this world and guilt them into obedience.

Yeah. I already know that isn't going to work. A girl can dream, can't she.

And, as promised to the little one...a belly shot for week 20:

And...I guess I should mention one very important detail. I don't need to refer to the baby as he/she anymore...because we know it is a GIRL!!!

Yesterdays ultrasound showed a very healthy and active little girl...modest too, as we almost didn't get to find out if she was a girl because she was very ladylike and kept her ankles crossed.

We are so thankful for the report a healthy little girl! Praise God!


Wolford Family said...

I just knew God was going to give you another little girl!! Girls rock!!

Renae said...

Yay for girls!!:) Praying for a healthy last half!

Randy and Lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randy and Lindsay said...

YAY! So excited for you all and another little girl!!!!!!!

Mike and Jamie said...

That is so exciting, love little girls! :-) Those progesterone shots are no fun ... but Makenzie is living proof that they work! I hope you enjoy these next half of your pregnancy!

Tasha Via said...

Well of COURSE it's a girl!

So excited for ya'll:)

Bobbie Grant said...

I love me some little girls!

Jim, Debbie Hambrick said...

Yeah! I knew it was a girl! You need some frilly, lacy, girly things!! Can't wait!!

Aliya ssid now you have two boys and two girls!


The Johnson Scoop said...

so excited for you guys!!

Susan said...

Congratulations! :)

the broomes said...

That's wonderful news, Jenn!!! We are so excited for you guys! Glad to hear that she is looking healthy-- Praise God! (Oh, and I can't imagine Fred giving me shots...I'm pretty sure one of us would pass out:))

Kelly Via said...

You look beautiful Jenn! Can't wait to have another precious Hambrick girl playing with all the cousins!


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