the heap (brain spaghetti)

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I have started 4 different posts this morning. I get a train of thought going, and get a paragraph or two written, and then (crickets chirping)...nothing.

And so, instead of a nice coherent and orderly post...I give you my brain spaghetti.

This is the first morning in over two weeks that I haven't gotten up at 5:30am. Jeremiah took the "early shift" at the mission for me so that I could have a morning at home. To linger, drink that second cup of coffee, take as long as I want on my quiet time, and actually see my kids wake up...

It's been glorious.

Although, I admit to missing the mission kids. They have already burrowed a special place in my heart and I love my morning routine with them. 

I plan on doing "a day in the life" post one of these days...

Not that any day is actually the same here, but we do have a pretty consistent rhythm going.

I went out with my friend Anachemy (the director of the school at the mission) to the grocery store yesterday. It is the first time I have been outside of the mission in over a week and the first time I have gone out by myself anywhere in over a month. It felt incredible. 

I laugh when I remember my life in America where I ran to numerous places all day long by myself. 

My creole is coming a long. I can now say hello, goodbye, how are you, my name is, I don't speak creole, how do you say ________ in creole, sit down, share, please, your welcome, how much, and of course the very important phrase of "I don't have any money", ha. 

I am responsible for purchasing fresh fruit for the mission and I buy it from a local lady who doesn't speak a lick of English. Therefore, I have also learned all the names of the fruits in creole and am working on numbers. We smile and nod a lot. 

Jeremiah is a natural when it comes to languages and is kicking my bootay in the language department! The kids are slowly absorbing bits and phrases. They have the counting down great, thanks to the jump rope games they play all the time with their friends at the mission.

The Detroit muscle crew left on Monday...and I am just today feeling like I have recovered. It was a busy busy weekend, but a great one! We got a lot done at the mission, including putting in a swing set for the kids! Pictures to come, of course. 

Ok, enough of my brain diarrhea for one morning. 

I will leave you with my favorite picture from the past weekend. I had just finished painting all the girls fingernails and toenails on Saturday afternoon...16 little sets of toes and fingers. Afterwards, the girls were sitting and giggling and then they ended up in a heap...

L to R: Bettinie, Samanza, and Gabriyana
A beautiful heap of smiles and giggles and happy hearts.

I'm so grateful to get to be a part of this. My blessings pile up and up.

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