photojournal: muscle crew weekend

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It has been over 2 weeks since we had a visit from the Detroit Muscle Crew, and I realized I had never posted any of the pictures from that time. (I told you Haiti has the special ability to warp time...)

It was a great weekend and a lot got accomplished including a new concrete entrance to our mission, a new swing set for the kids, electrical work, new benches for our highly used gazebo, a security system installed, plumbing work, painting, a much needed total room re-arrangement separating the boys and girls into different floors, a dermatology clinic and check ups for all the children.

Of course, the kids loved all the extra materials and had fun creating things of their own...

Danois sat and "created" for hours. 

I found this basketball hoop created by one of the boys.

Our new smooth driveway into the mission!

Ah, the swing has already been enjoyed so much.

On the last full day of the crews visit we did an outdoor hotdog picnic with all the kids. They kept saying "we get to eat outside?!" So much of their life is routine that I love when we can change things up for them. You can tell that they loved it!

The boys enjoyed watching the crew cutting down trees in order to clear a section for a soccer field...dInner and entertainment!

I love these dirty stinky boys feet =)



Mark, the slowest eater ever...although he certainly doesn't look like he misses a meal =)

Nickinson thought it was "finger-lickin" good!

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Tasha Via said...

Oh I love these! My favorite is the basketball goal:)

Erin Snyder said...

Is that little one a slower eater than Eli? Remember how long we sat in Wendy's in Boone while Eli ate his chicken nuggets and ketchup? Good times!

Ivy said...

ella did her hair! very cute. :-)