Photojournal: Kaliko Beach

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We took a much needed family day and headed out to find the beach in Haiti last Friday. Zoe was under the weather (she has been battling a nasty virus this week...) but she was a trooper and we made the best of it.

First of all, I am so incredibly proud of my hubby for navigating around Haiti like its no big deal! Driving in Haiti (or any third-world country) is no little thing, and he has done it like a champ. 

Secondly, the beach was beautiful! It was very different from most of the American beaches we have been too...this one had gravel and rocks, no sand. I can't say I missed the sand, but the gravel was a little rough for walking on. Thankfully we had been warned, and so we brought water shoes and crocs. It also was full of creatures that we had never seen in real life before.

And oh, the mountains in the background...

So incredibly beautiful.

The obligatory squint into the sun picture.

This natural foot massage trail made me laugh...

The kids were thrilled with the variety of creatures they were able to see and catch!

Look, an octopus!

Why, oh it so hard to get a good picture of all my kids, ha!

Water "taxi's"

Poking a dead jelly-fish =)

This picture perfectly sums up Zoe's 2 year old personality...

I love this boy. 

And this one.

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