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Meet Jon Kerry...

Yes, his name really is Jon Kerry.
Cracks. Me. Up.

He makes really great faces.
Silly faces.
Angry faces.
And my favorite, the "you-are-a-crazy-white-lady-face."

Jon Kerry and I had our moments at first.
And by moments I mean that...ahem...I really didn't have much patience for him and his lack of listening skills.

He made it clear that the feeling was mutual.

But this morning, after 3 days of caring for his fever with medicine, extra water, cold cloths, and prayers...He looked at me with his big brown eyes and I found my heart open up wide to him.

This boy.
These kids.

I'm not living a glamorous life with a grand mission and huge goals. I'm not planting hundreds of churches. I'm not baptizing new believers every week. I'm not writing a book. I'm not speaking at a conference.

But this.
This Jon Kerry.

(and Samanza, Kervins, Moise, Sam, Mono, Bedengy, Chevinsky, Edney, JJ, Appoloste, Widley, JU, Lourvens, Lovens, Danois, Josue, Nickinson, Junie Anna, Esterline, Juliene, Enolika, Bianka, Cinlove, Gina, Gabriyana, Marc, Chika, Bettinie...)

Tucked inside their brown eyes...these are the needs I have been given to meet.

Sweet shy Gina.

Somehow, by offering the Lord my meager fish and loaves life, he is taking it and using it...

And this is enough.

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Kelly Via said...

Very awesome. You don't need to be doing anything but what God has called You to do. If you were doing all those things yet God had called you to be there...well then you would be being disobedient! Keep loving those kids for Jesus, and keep loving where God has you - just where you are!

beautiful. i love hearing about your journey.