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Haitian pizza is topped with goat cheese. We've discovered that eating it with mustard or vinegar helps cut the "goat" flavor.

Kids are kids are kids are matter the country, background, or environment. Some things are just universal. Aka: lying, picking noses, and drawing on yourself.

I go through much less lotion here. Way less.

I am not the hero.

Air conditioning is overrated.

Clean water is not to be taken for granted.

We are taking a day trip to the beach tomorrow!

The jump rope is one of the best toys ever invented.

This week has felt like a "new normal" week.

Today's weather was gloriously breezy.

Our home school had a really really rough week. I don't think the heat agrees with the brains of my children. Or mine. Thus, after consulting with our rather good looking principle I have decided that a four day school week is perfectly acceptable this week.

I need a hair cut. I am trying to talk Jeremiah into doing it it...but he refuses. A pedicure and massage would be nice too. (a girl can dream...)

I have had several scripture verses blow my mind this week. In the best possible way.

Our neighbors dog had puppies. After several long nights with extremely loud yipping, I am considering suggesting puppy nuggets for our next dinner.

Kidding, kidding.


Happy happy Thursday!

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Tasha Via said...

I can hear relief in your voice:) So glad for the new normal!