thursday thoughts (on Friday yet again)

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We are gearing up for a visit from the Detroit "Muscle Crew" this afternoon. We will host approx 25 people (electricians, plumbers, painters, etc.) over the next 4 days for a non-stop fix-broken-things-spruce-things-up-construction extravaganza.

I'm not sure what to expect...except that I've been told life is turned upside down whenever our mission gets a visit from the muscle crew. It should be interesting!

After 4 days and 5 nights of absolutely no city power...when I heard the power click on at 10pm Tuesday night Jeremiah and I literally got up and did a happy dance in our bedroom.

You'd have laughed at us.
Which is ok, because we wouldn't have cared.
It isn't so much the loss of lights that is fact, I happen to like doing things by candelight here. You are much less likely to be surprised by a cockroach by candlelight.

It is that with no power we can't pump water up to our rooftop reservoir.
Therefore, no power = no water.
Also, no power = no fans.
Which thereby = no sleep.
No sleep = grumpy Mommy.

It is amazing to me how much I am learning that circumstance CANNOT dictate my attitude. My true source of power is Christ and he is allowing me to see beyond the comfortableness or uncomfortablness of my circumstances and find my strength in Him.

I just wish there was an easier way to learn that lesson, ha!

We finished up our first full week of school. More to come on that later...

I have forged a relationship with a local Haitian lady who supplies our family with fresh fruit several times a's, bananas, pineapples, melons, and avacado's. So good! We are all enjoying the local produce.

We had transitioned Zoe to a big girl bed shortly after moving here. However, the last two mornings she has been found wandering the downstairs in the pitch black at 5am in the morning. Therefore, we have revoked her big girl bed privileges and she is going back in the pac-n-play!

Yeah, I've been slacking in my picture taking...this is a throwback to vacation =)

One last thing...

I made the mistake of going on pinterest for the first time since moving here.
Big mistake.
Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins.
Halloween costumes everywhere.
Savory soup recipes.
And on and on and on with the glorious Fall ideas...
Why must everything be about Fall?

And must all you facebookers keep posting things like "loving this Fall weather!" of "Needed my hoody at the bus stop this morning" or "What should my childs halloween costume be this year?"

People, you need to just stop reminding me that there is life outside of my hot Haiti bubble. Since the world revolves around me, I am kindly asking you to oblige and refrain from any more glorious fall postings. Thank you ever so much.

Happy Friday!

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Erin Snyder said...

It's cold and rainy and I'm a bit jealous of the warmth I know you're having. Does that help? :)