Not Me Monday

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I do not take pictures of the weird meat that our local grocery "store" sells.
And I'm never surprised that I have the option of adding sheep or various animals feet to our meat choices for dinner.

I do not take pictures of Haitian public "transportation" because I still can't get used to seeing 35 people jammed into/onto a vehicle designed to hold 15.

Oh no, I would never draw attention to my non-Haitian status like that.

I have not cussed more (in my head of course...ahem) these last 5 weeks in Haiti than I ever have in my life.

Oh no, I am a way better missionary than that.

I have not missed fast food so much that I was literally drooling at the thought of a french fry.

Oh no, I am way more healthier than that. I never eat or desire fast food.

I did not decide that it was worth the $17 to buy the carton of Breyers ice cream. Who cares if they only send the that-didn't-go-over-too-well-in-America flavors to Haiti. I like birthday cake peanut brittle cranberry mint chip pumpkin pie ice cream.

Oh no, I am way more careful with our money than that. And the lining of my stomach.

And I did not eat the entire carton of ice cream (over a period of days, people...not at once) without sharing even one spoon full with my children.

Oh no, I am way less selfish than that.

And I most definitely did not wake up today thinking it was Monday. Which it isn't.

Oh no, I am way more in control of my brain cells.


Not me.
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