thurday thoughts on friday (Haiti is a warper of time)

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I do believe Haiti has thrown me into a time warp.
I cannot believe we are pushing three weeks?

Time moves differently here...slower days but faster weeks.

I have learned that if I can get one or two things marked off my to-do list then I have had a productive day. Productivity has a whole other definition here in Haiti. I will learn to love it, but for this type-A efficient girl...I have had quite the learning curve.

Things are settling. Our house is entirely unpacked. We have semi-reliable power. We have mosquito screens up. We have learned 85% of all the mission kids and staff names. Everything is locked up here (and I do mean everything!)...and so I have learned where 75% of all the keys are.

I can tell our bodies are acclimating to the heat.
We are used to feeling sticky all the time.
Who needs AC anymore when you can have a good fan.

I have learned that its ok to have something be your "deal".
My deal was having good coffee creamer.
Jeremiah's was having a place to sit other than our bed.
Therefore, we have a coffee creamer budget and we got a sofa.

And that's ok.

I hesitate to say that I can see a rhythm forming with our days...but it is happening. Slowly and surely I can see a routine setting up. My kids have done much better this week with a semblance of normalcy returning. We even had a soft start to our Monarch Way Academy.

We are getting there.

I have been able to do devotions early in the morning with the mission kids every day this week...and I have loved their questions and their eagerness to learn. They are sponges when it comes to the Word. It humbles me.

A verse I pray every day:

Surely God is my help; He is the one who sustains me. Psalm 54:4

He is sustaining us.
He is helping us.

We are doing it. (through Him.)

**Sorry for no pictures this time.
It takes too long to upload until we get reliable internet at our house. **

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Briana said...

Sending so many prayers and love to you guys. Proud of what you are doing. We have your back. Go get em! I love you, so much.

I love reading about your move to Haiti. I also enjoyed browsing through your blog and "meeting" your family. Praying that you all continue to adjust to a new way of life, surroundings, and culture.