Just mine?

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When Ella and Ezra find a food on their plate that they decide is unpalatable to them...

They don't want that food on their plate.

Ella will lay it on her napkin while Ezra is extremely persistent in insisting he hand it to us.

I don't understand this one? Why does it have to be removed from their plate in their minds...even if we have said they don't have to eat it?

Is it just my kids that do that?
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Tasha Via said...

My kids STILL do that, even if has been removed from their mouths and partially chewed up?! Ewww...

Maybe they think that if they get it off their plates we won't "forget" that they didn't like it and make them eat it later=)

Kelly Via said...

Our girls do that too. It has pretty much always been this way I think. It is not enough that they don't have to eat it, it also MUST be off the plate. One of those mysterious things I guess:)

at least i feel better knowing it's not just them =)

Luke does the SAME thing...it canNOT be on his plate :)

I am the mom said...

Adam does that too! Just Adam, though--the other two just don't eat what they don't want. He'll take what he doesn't want and put it up on the table, on the floor (my favorite), and I even saw him just move all of his chicken from one section of his plate to another as a statement against the chicken! Odd to us, typical for them.