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April just keeps plugging along.

And the last few days went flying at hyper speed. We have a lot going on at Have Faith Haiti Mission right now. Yesterday was the last (half) day of school and now we have one week plus one day of Spring break. We have lots planned and I'm sure a lot of fun and memories will be had...but oh my, the jump in activity levels just is crazy.

We also added 5 new children to our mission on Thursday night. The amount of planning, coordinating, and then just winging it is mind boggling. 

I went to my first Haitian funeral yesterday morning, as one of our nannies lost her father this week. Sidenote: It's customary in Haiti for funerals to be early in the morning. 

One of our boys at the mission has a nasty stomach bug that I am praying fervently stays contained.

And we had 4 visitors fly in yesterday morning who are staying thru the weekend, and 4 different friends/visitors coming in Sunday through next weekend.

And, oh yeah...there are still those four little kids that keep hanging around me that need three meals a day and clean clothes and a little bit of attention. 

I'm tired just thinking about it all.

It's seasons like this one that I am constantly seeking the Lord's sustaining power. When I know I will not be getting the amount of margin and white space that I so desperately love and need, but I still need to maintain my sanity and happy heart, I just claim the truth and power held in the words of the psalmist:

Surely God is my helper, He is the one who sustains me.

If you think of us over this next week or so here's how you can pray for us:

- For the Lord to bless our efforts of all the planning for Holy Week and the kids will soak in the truth of how much Jesus loves them and that it will truly change their lives.
- For health for Jeremiah and I and our family.
- For the strength of our marriage during this busy season.
- For happy hearts and a laid back spirit amongst our kids as so much of our time and effort will be directed at the mission these next 10 days.
- That the Lord would give us joy as we go about our days!

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