thursday thoughts (on Friday)

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I'ts April!

My traditional favorite month back in the states...Spring, Easter, my birthday, and my allergies generally haven't kicked in.

April in Haiti is bringing with it lots of rain, Easter, my birthday, and I haven't had the first allergy since moving here.

We had the best electricity since we've moved here over the last 4 days. We have lost power for only a few short hours in the middle of each night. It has been unbelievable! All good things must come to an end, right?...and the power went out at 8 last night and is still out this morning. Ah, nothing like a cup o' instant coffee.

Oh well, it was wonderful while it lasted!

Ella is taking her end of year test today. (We don't technically finish the school year until the end of June, however.) How in the world do I have a rising 3rd grader? I found a way for her to take the same CAT test she took last year, just for 2nd grade obviously, only this time its all online!

The boys don't have to test until the end of next school year...whew.

One of these days I'm going to write about the challenge of homeschooling while here in Haiti.
One of these days...

We enjoyed a quick but wonderful visit with some of our Via family yesterday. Oh man, we love these guys.

They will be back this summer leading short term teams here in Haiti, so we look forward to seeing them again in July!

Happy Friday everyone!

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