the last

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My eyes have broken this week as I've been looking through Zoe's baby pictures; they're leaking.

I look at this fourth born and call for time to stop.

I breathe her in,
lay down with,
play with,
and just enjoy her.

so much more than I did my others.

As I do those things my heart whispers to me in a tiny voice that this is my last one to do this with. There is no other coming after. Soak it up, soak it in. Don't hurry through a stage, because it is the last time you will have that stage.

The irony of the last child is that they grow faster, born with this innate desire to keep up with the big ones.

I've stressed less,
pushed less,
picked my battles much more carefully,
and enjoyed more.

Because it's true you know,
Babies don't keep.

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Rebecca said...

What a precious reflection and pictures. I am sure learning the same truth... that babies don't keep. I think Henry and Zoe are about the same age. I really enjoyed the Holy Week posts too- such a special work that you are doing in Haiti. Praying for you all. ~Rebecca

Tasha Via said...

I'm right there with you! Here's to keeping the littles in our LONG as we can!

Ivy said...

This totally resonated with me. We kinda feel like we are done after our 3, but the part of me that wants one more is the part that knows I will finally be able to ENJOY the next one. Parenting was so difficult at the beginning and I was rather young. I have grown with each child and I just really think that the next one would be awesome. buuuuuuut we are kinda choking in chaos already so I don't know that I will get that chance. :/ I wish I knew then what I know now.