photojournal: the walk

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Family walks were the norm for us back in America. 
You know, on clean well-leveled side walks that edged up to perfectly manicured lawns.

We still go on family walks here in Haiti.
They just look a slight bit different...

Heading out down "our" road towards the main road.

They "protect" the trees growing on the sidewalks with tires =)

A "nursery"  found on the side of a side road. Plants anyone?

Because the middle of the road is an excellent spot for a power line.

A typical restaurant...with a typical menu  offering of spaghetti, sandwhich, goat, chicken, or fish.

"Wall-Mart" in Haiti. All along the walls you will find various street vendors who hang their wares up to sell.

Because of this, you find mirrors randomly cemented along the walls.

Every house/store had a gate. I always admire this one...I love the colors and the material choices. 

Anyone need a rooster? Zoe really wanted to take one home this day.

Or a bunny or bird?

It was about this point in our walk that I put the camera away for an interaction with a Haitian momma taking her little baby boy to the hospital right down the corner from us. She pulled me aside and told me that her baby was sick and pulled back the heavy blanket he was wrapped in to show him to me. He truly didn't look well and I told her we would pray for him. She didn't ask for money, but just seemed happy to know that someone would pray for her son.

There are water stores set up every block along the city, where most people go to get their clean drinking water. You see people carrying around old buckets and empty plastic containers everywhere as they take them to get filled.

A small crack in the wall reveal a lush oasis of green in the city of cement. I wanted to squeeze my kids through the crack and tell them to take off their shoes and go run around in the green.  I miss green.

That bright orange building in  the top left of the picture gives a nice pedicure for about $6. Notice another water building.


The view at a bridge looking over a creek.

A closer look revealed a family of lizards enjoying the waterbed.
And finally, the turn back onto our road...headed home.

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