the best/worst birthday ever (and 33 things)

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I turned the ripe ol' age of 33 yesterday.

The older I get the older that doesn't sound...

I still remember being a second grader looking up at the 6th graders in my elementary school and thinking I'd never get to be that old (or cool).
Or I'd never actually get my drivers licence.
Or go to college.
Or get married.
Or have kids.

And yet, here I am. At a stage I never thought would come, but now have the understanding that it won't be here long.

I am loving my thirties.
I feel the most secure in myself,
in who I am,
where I am,
what I'm doing,
and who I'm living for,
than I ever have before in my life.

I am so thankful for my life. It's not perfect or easy or secure or anything close to the ideal of "the American dream" but I'm so crazy thankful for it.

As far as birthdays go, yesterday could have been better. We have 7 sick kiddo's at the mission and Ella woke me up at 5am saying she had just thrown 8 total sick kids in all.

However, despite the change in plans that this all wrought and the quieter much more normal day that happened, I am incredibly grateful for the gift of another birthday and all the blessings the day did bring me.

And so, in honor of my love for lists, I give you...

33 Things I'm Thankful for at the Age of 33:

1) My health

2) That my husband still thinks I'm sexy

3) That I am secure and confident in the love of my heavenly Father

4) My hidden dark chocolate stash that is like the fishes and loaves story in the never seems to run out!

5) My four beautiful, creative, and crazy kiddo's

6) My other 34 beautiful, creative, and crazy kiddo's...

7) Coffee

8) Books to read

9) That I have friends who "get me" and love me and encourage me and make me laugh

10) That my life isn't boring

11) My hair =)

12) My big and crazy extended family that loves me and supports me

13) Art and the eyes to see it everywhere...

14) The wonders of technology and how it allows me to stay connected

15) That my husband is still sexy

16) That despite 10+ years in full time church ministry, I still see the beauty of the body of Christ and have not gotten cynical

17) Pandora

18) Uniball Vision Elite pens - my favorite

19) The beauty of adoption that I've gotten to experience as a sibling and a mom

20) Ms. Lorraine's rice and beans

21) Quiet mornings and kids who sleep past 7am

22) Ikea

23) My freedom

24) The lessons I've learned while living in a third world country

25) Electricity

26) Avocado's

27) Sushi

28) That my husband still makes me laugh. A lot.

29) My necklace from The Apparant Project that my mother in law surprised me with...

30) That I have 3 sets of Godly parents who have influenced me and taught me numerous invaluable lessons.

31) The difficult relationships in my life that have stretched me and taught me more than any of the easy ones.

32) Strawberries.

33)  And finally, the best part of my life...The realness and intimacy of the Lords presence in my life.

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Mo'dear's rice and beans and veggies! I can't wait!

and if you feel secure with yourself now, just wait for the 40s - they are even more incredible!

Happy Birthday!