the hangover

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As my friend Tasha calls it, I think I'm suffering from a "holy hangover" from all the festivities and activities and other words that end with "ivities' that happened during our Holy Week.

I've also got a two year old who just figured out how to throw a tantrum like its her job.

A full time job at that.

Not to mention I have been having a weird reaction to an antibiotic I went on for an infection that caused me to have insomnia, anxiety, and a near panic attack over the weekend. What in the world?! Needless to say, I took myself off that junk and will take my chances with the infection.

That said, I slept good last night, my house is blissfully quiet this morning, Ezra is sleeping over at Gramma's, the mission kids go back to school today, and I just might make a dent on that mountain of laundry today...

or perhaps I'll just take a nap.

**Don't worry, I've got pictures coming to finish out the Holy Week posts!**
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