Holy Week, Day 5, 6, and 7!

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Day 5 of Holy Week we centered on the cross. We did several cross themed crafts and ate cross shaped rice krispie treats as our special snack. Our scripture verses for the day was found in Mathew 27:32-56.

Day 6 was...well...one of those days where the best intentions met up with the reality of life in Haiti. What we had planned for the day was to make resurrection rolls with the kids, play a wrap the mummy game, and read the selections of scripture about when Jesus was placed in the tomb. What actually happened was sickness, a trip to the far mountains, an oven with no gas, and on and on...

It's okay, we did get to talk with the kids at devotions that evening, go through all the resurrection eggs, and recap the week with them. We also were able to pass out all the new Easter outfits to the kids individually and explain to them the significance of how Jesus changes us. All the kids clothes fit perfectly (with just one swap of a pair of pants!) and they LOVED them!!!

It was so stinkin fun to see them get so excited over a new outfit. But remember, they get one dress to wear for the entire year...unless they rip it or outgrow it...so a change is big to them.

Easter morning dawned beautiful and we spent the early morning decorating the gazebo (the main meeting place on our mission) for a party, admiring our beautiful new life seeds that were growing like crazy, and dancing around in their new dresses and outfits...

We took the obligatory "family picture"...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who prayed for us this week, who gave new outfits and supplies to the kids, who sent me encouraging texts and emails, and help make this week so meaningful to everyone. A special thank you to the amazing Hemric and Snyder ladies who did SO MUCH to help with this week. They planned, packed suitcases, bought supplies, thought of everything, loved on our kids, brought energy and creativity, and did so much to help with this week! They have been dear friends for almost a decade and now, they are more like family. The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing!

It was an amazingly fun, exhausting, and fulfulling week. I loved seeing the Gospel come alive for these kids as well as in my own heart. Lessons I pray we all remember throughout the year...not just limited to one week.
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