a free for all for friday

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First things first. In case you haven't noticed...Christmas is coming! Here and in Haiti! There are only 4 spots left, but if you'd like to sponsor one of our kiddo's in Haiti for Christmas, click on this link here and sign up! It has all the details and info you will need.

Zoe is having major withholding poop issues because she doesn't want to poop on the potty or in her diaper. Which, in turn, cause serious back up issues. We've never had a poop issue before with our kids, so, once again, this is a first with the Zooble. She is so stinking stubborn. I don't know where she gets it.

I introduced Ezra to the calculator this week. His mind is blown. He keeps it in his pocket and randomly pulls it out and does a math problem and keeps asking me, "but, how does it know?!"

It's cold today. Really cold. We've spent a whole decade in fake winter in North Carolina and then missed a whole year of winter altogether in Haiti. I am a little scared and excited about a real Virginia mountain winter.

I got into project mode this week and repainted my dining room table.
And then the sideboard.
And then Ella's desk.
And then another table...

Today, Ella spilt fingernail polish remover on her freshly painted desk and one of the boys colored on the kitchen table. Both were accidents and I, of course, kept my composure calm at all times...


Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm!

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