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I got the pleasure of traveling to Jinja, Uganda at the end of October with my Via sister, Kelly, and three of her girls. Although it was my first time traveling to this country, it felt almost familiar to so much of our family is tied to this country, having lived, served, or adopted from there...for over twenty years of my life.

Coming off of a year in Haiti, I was really interested to see the differences and similarities within the two countries.

My first impression of the country was its lushness. 
It is so green, mixed with the rich color of the red dirt. 

The Ugandan people I encountered were helpful, cheerful, and had a quiet unassuming demeanor. 

The Islamic calls to prayer throughout the day were sad to hear. 

A highlight of the trip for me was a trip out to Arise Africa's Bukelaba Children's Home and meet some of the faces I have heard about for years.

Of course, the children were incredible...

My nieces were kind enough to give me the lay of the land while we were there...

Beautiful, right?!

Another major highlight of the trip for me was getting to meet my niece Chloe for the very first time! She is a sweet and playful little girl who fits perfectly into their family. I loved playing with her and cuddling with her (the girl is a great snuggler!) I loved spending time with all the girls and getting to be an Aunt without the distractions of my own kids.

I loved my time with Kelly and Jonathan and getting to see their life in Uganda. I pray for them everyday and see pictures and read about what they are doing...but to get to see it all with my own eyes made it that much more real.

I know firsthand how hard it is to live in a country that is not your home country and all the struggles that come with raising a family, homeschooling, maintaining your marriage, staying effective in your ministry, and I couldn't be more proud of them! In case you haven't before, you can check out more about them here.

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