swiftly fly the years: Ella McKay turns 9

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My firstborn is 9 today. 

I remember the day she came into the world so well, surprising us all at her 5 week early entrance, but thriving and healthy at 6lbs 2oz.

From early on she has always had a sweetness, a goofiness, and an up-for-anything-ness. 

She has always been a lover of creatures, big and small.

Outdoors is where her creativity expands and she is always making up some fairy world or fairy house.

She reads. all. the. time. Fantasy books being her favorite...but she will read anything and everything...all the day long if I'd let her.

Her favorite subject in school is History. 
Her favorite color is yellow. 
Her favorite Disney princess is Jasmine. 
Her favorite food is anything mexican.
Her favorite movie is Maleficent.
Her favorite Bible verse is John 3:16.
Her favorite sport to play is soccer or gymnastics.

I'm finding it hard to believe she is 9, as I'm sure every other parent can relate to this reality. When your child is a baby you hear the sentiment of how fast times goes spoken to you all the time...annoyingly so. To "cherish every moment" when you are in the thick of sleepless nights and spit up and chronic ear infections is rather hard to swallow. 

But then you blink.

And your child is 9.

And you realize they were right.

My dear Ella,

I love you. And I really like you. I love the person you are growing into and I love the patience you extend to me as I navigate these new waters of parenting a tween. You are loved by so many and you know how to love well. You are just getting so stinking fun! I am looking forward to this new year with you, even if I may not handle everything the way you want, always know that I am on your side. 

Happy 9th Birthday! (How bout we wait two years to turn 10?!!)

all my love forever,

Your Momma

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She looks all grown up and becoming a beautiful young lady.Happy birthday Ella and hope you are doing great.

mommajeane said...

Miss Ella, It was wonderful wishing you happy birthday thru face time...cant wait to in person soon. I too can't believe you are 9. I am so very proud of you and love your creativity and love of books. I also love the fact that you are growing in your faith right before our very eyes. I am excited to watch as you continue to discover the love of Jesus and His purpose for you. You are on an amazing journey called life. Hugs and kisses from all your Briggs family - ( that should about cover you for hugs and kisses until you are old : )