the backlog: while we wait

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This is the last of the backlog.

And it is really not so much a backlog post as a general update on what is the latest with our family.

We are semi-settled in VA, enjoying country life and gearing up for our first real winter in over a decade. Despite missing our friends in NC, we love living close to family for the first time ever in our married lives. We all LOVE the family dinners and sleepovers and date nights and drops in's to just chat with Nena and all that living close to family brings. We are cherishing this time.

Our school year is off to a great start. We've already had a better few months than our entire year of school in Haiti. Eli is making great strides and I am much more focused and armed with many more resources to help him along...and it is showing. I'm so proud of him.

Ella misses her buddies. A lot. We are planning a trip back to Haiti to visit them (taking just Ella probably) sometime in early 2015 if we can manage it. She'd go tomorrow if I'd let her.

In other kid news, Zoe bid a final goodbye to the paci and didn't look back and Ella turns 9 this week.

We traveled to NC to our home church to share about our year in Haiti earlier this month. It was wonderful to be able to update and thank everyone for their support of us over the last year. I think it provided some closure for us as well.

I'm speaking at a Ladies Christmas Tea at a local church on December 6th if anyone is interested in the Roanoke area. You can sign up and get more details here.  Public speaker I am not, but I am trying to not miss any opportunity to share what the Lord has been doing in my life.

For the first time since we moved back we have actually stayed right here in VA for longer than 2 weeks. Our traveling days are slowing down, slightly. We do head to FL for Thanksgiving next week as Jeremiah's parents are flying back to the states for the holiday and we are missing them terribly. After our FL trip we have no known trips planned for the entire month of December! It sounds wonderful now, but I'm wondering if I'll get restless, ha!

But what about Jeremiah's job? 

Good question. We are still waiting on the Lord for the answer and trying to be obedient to what he has brought us to in this season.

In the meantime he is just lazing around watching sports in his underwear all day long.

Yeah, right...

If anyone reading this knows my husband you know that he is incapable of laziness. He is the hardest worker I know. He has been staying busy renovating the house we are staying in as well as providing handyman services to some local friends and family to help make ends meet. (If you are needing some home repairs done in the Roanoke area, he's your guy! Seriously, the man is amazing.)

If you'd like some specific ways to pray for our family during this time, we'd love if you'd pray that we'd truly be able to grow in this season, not be anxious about the future, for an open door and a clear direction, and for the Lord to provide for all our needs.

Happy Friday everyone! 
(and good riddance to the backlog!)

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