of Halloween's present (2014)

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Because I don't want these pics to fall into the black hole known as "photo's I have yet to edit" and because I was up before 6am (thank you jet lag) I have a very timely photojournal of yesterday's Halloween family fun...

Princess Genevieve and Ariel

Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America

Ella's fairy pumpkin house. Because carving a face is so 2013.

Hot apple cider in our favorite Haiti mugs. 

We put away the books and worked on fun crafts and projects like this nature mobile. 

Contorted faces are required to carve pumpkins you know.

Zoe was thrilled with getting messy, as you can tell from her face. And yes, my husband is wearing fleece TMNT pants. We are that classy.

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I love the fairy pumpkin that Ella made!I think it was awesome idea.