the backlog: Briggs Vacation

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Later on in the month of September we joined up with my family for a few days at Corolla Beach, NC. We didn't have the best weather, but we managed to fit in a whole lotta fun anyways...

The football gang.
I always love that feeling of anticipation right before you see the ocean.
No matter how often I see it, that feeling always wells up. 

Adults only dinner out =)

It only takes about 3 hours for everyone to mobilize when going out.
Good thing there were these handy steps for those that were waiting for everyone else.

We had several rainy cool days in a row.

We found fun ways to keep ourselves occupied in the rain. Gold press on nails anyone?!

Just a "few" of us saw a movie one rainy afternoon.

And then, the sun broke out!

Zoe and her bff cousin Maddy.

Sometimes, even these two are bff's.

My dad with some of the littles.

One BIG happy crazy family.

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