the backlog: introduction

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I've got such a backlog of things I want to write about.
Memories I want to remember.
Pictures I want to share.
Lessons the Lord is teaching.
And of course, a few Oh'Ezra stories.
Although, I'm going to have to start a new Oh'Zoe category as well...but that's a whole 'nother blog.

How can someone so cute be so mischievous?

Bear with me as I catch up, because I've decided that it's worth it for me to put the effort into catching up, at least for my memories sake, as this blog is my modern day scrapbook of my life, and I don't want these past few months to be like the middle child's scrapbook, or rather their absence of a scrapbook.

It's only me that didn't do one for their middle children?!

The trade-off for me will be that I am not going to edit my pictures. For fellow photographers, you know this is a big deal =) But something has to give and I've decided its more important to just do it than do it perfectly this time (my fellow perfectionists will get that, ha!).

I'm not really sure why it has been so stinkin' hard for me to write these last few months. Maybe my brain has just been so consumed with re-integrating into our new life, yet again, that it just couldn't do it. Or maybe I was just lazy. Or maybe it was just too crazy busy with all the traveling we've done.

Regardless, I'm back. (not in black) And this next week is backlog week.

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