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Thank God it's Tuesday.

That's a thing, right?
Or maybe not.

But it is Tuesday, and I'm just gonna be glad it's Tuesday.

Because on Monday one of my children, who will remain nameless, spilled the entire extra large container of bird seed all over the kitchen floor. When we were already running late to get out the door to co-op. Because, of course he did.

Because on Monday I had this exact conversation with Zoe:

Me: Why is my pillow wet?
Zoe: Oh, dats just my spit. I was making a pool for my dragon to swim in.

Because, of course she did.

Because on Monday I may or may not have accidentally sent a "for my husband only" picture to the entire family text feed instead of my husband. Because, of course I did.

It did have its better moments.

I impressed (or tortured...hard to tell) my kids by remembering and singing all the words to Ace of Base's "The Sign"...

Because, really, you can only go up from sending a cleavage-y pic of yourself to your entire family.

Yep... right now, today...I'm just glad it's Tuesday.

One week down and less than one week to go until Jeremiah returns.

A Malagassy woman Jeremiah met in the village last week. 

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Erin Snyder said...

That conversation with Zoe... #bestever...cracking up over here!