take a walk

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We head out of town this morning. Heading back to NC, our home for a decade. Heading back to the very first church Jeremiah was a pastor at. The very church that welcomed Ella almost 10 years ago...

Memory lane, people.

5 months preggo with Ella, heading out for some go-carting fun with our students. I remember being very disappointed when they wouldn't let me ride a go-cart.

We get to share about the work of UTWWK and our lives over the last 10 years...and sitting down to write out and think through the last 10 years, actually think through them...I am overwhelmed with how they just scream the sovereignty of God. Our family has grown, I've grown, each stage preparing us for the next stage, the next chapter of our lives.

It's a good thing, to take a walk down memory lane.

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