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I'm waking up this morning and for the first day in forever...I have nowhere I have to be today. 

Bliss, I tell ya. Pure bliss.

Jeremiah is landing in Manacara, Madagascar right at this moment as I write this. His three days of travel to get there are finally coming to an end! 

I''m thinking I should have sent this child with him...

Good thing she is cute. Really cute.

We survived and thrived through our benefit dinner last week. It was a lot of work, but it was also a ton of fun! We got to meet new friends, catch up with old friends, brag on the Lord, and get excited about the future of UTWWK together.

I used to be a master to-do list maker. Used to being the operative words. I've written before how losing my to-do list was one of the major ways that living in Haiti changed me and it still holds true today. With that said, I make an exception whenever Jeremiah is out of town and I usually make a While-Jeremiah's-Away list...

 It makes the time go by faster and keeps my mind focused on other things rather than missing him.

I've got a lot of other tricks up my sleeve that make the time go by faster, but admitting to binge watching cheesy netflix shows after the kids go to bed isn't quite so affirming to my pride.

And now, I'm off to go enjoy this beautiful day with my fab four. We've got lots to do but nowhere to be, and that's my favorite kind of day.

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