Not Me Monday

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We are in a busy season right now. Between school and ministry obligations and all that makes up is so easy for me to become as Peter says, "so nearsighted that he is blind." (2 Peter 1:8)

I am so prone to focusing on temporary problems that I become blind to the things that really matter.

And it happens so quickly.

Before I know it, I let a failed (okay, 3 failed) spelling tests from one of my children distract me from the grace that I live in, the joy found in my salvation, and the hope that is my eternal security.

The beautiful thing about the Lord is that he gently prods me to remember. He allows me those moments to "taste and see that He is good" and suddenly everything else shifts into place. My temptations to pursue and get caught up in an "ordinary" life fizzle out because its too late for me. I have tasted and seen what its like to life a life more and more surrendered and I don't want to stay in the temporary.

Yes, those spelling tests need addressing. But not at the expense of me losing my eternal focus. Or my ever-loving temper, for that matter. Not that I ever lost my temper over some silly spelling tests.

Nope. Not me.

Back in the good ol' days when none of us had ever heard of a spelling test.

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