Thursday Thoughts (with an Invitation!)

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If I whined enough about all the rain of the last few weeks, let me take a few minutes to rave about the glorious sunshine of this week.

The weather has been absolutely p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

Life to my soggy soul perfect.

And, life to all the stinkbugs in VA as well as we appear to be in full-fledged stink-bug season.

At dinner last night:

Ella: What is that smell?!
Me: It's just Zoe.
Zoe: I just wuv to catch the stinkbugs. They wuv to crawl on me.
Ella: Well, you need a bath tonight.

A great big thank you to the cashier at Kroger who told me that she thinks cilantro smells like stinkbugs. I used to LOVE cilantro, but now, I have to agree with the cashier...and am having a hard time getting past it.

Goodbye, cilantro.

Life this week (for me, at least) has consisted of school, soaking up all the sunshine we can, a fun field trip, and trying to keep the kids out of Jeremiah's hair as he prepares for a few super busy (and super awesome!) weeks of ministry ahead of us: our celebration and benefit dinner in 8 days, a trip to North Carolina to speak at a church in 2 days, and a big trip to Madagascar in 10 days.

One of these days I'm going to have to write about the logistics of having a husband who works primarily from home when the kids and I are primarily a very small home...

Yeah, one of these days...once I actually figure out those logistics.

It's haircut time for me today. Serious first world dilemma going on in my head and my pinterest board right now: grow it long or keep it short? Or is it keep it long or cut it short?  I'll decide at precisely 11am when I am asked what I want to do and not a moment before.

 If you are local and you'd like to either 1) find out more about our ministry and the work we do, 2) eat some yummy Haitian inspired food, 3) watch some amazing videos that my hubby has been working hard on, 4) watch the entertainment that is sure to ensue with the presence of my four kiddo's (yes, kids are coming), or 5) meet my awesome in-laws, one of the Haitian pastors we work with, and the Price family that is moving to Haiti in January to help continue to grow our work in Port-au-Prince...then this is the night for you!

Sign on up!
Come on out!
We'd love to see you, meet you, and get the chance to share what the Lord has allowed us to be apart of!

I promise it won't be lame.

Happy Thursday!

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Erin Snyder said...

That conversation at dinner is great! :) We're so sad to miss the benefit dinner and super jealous that Allyson gets to see yall and hang out with yall!