thursday thoughts (and i-phone photo dump)

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It's October?! 
What, what?! 
What happened to September? 
Anybody else with me?

We got a gloriously sunshiny one day break from the wash-out that was and is to come. 
(Bring it on Hurricane Joaquin!) 
We spent the afternoon at the park in an attempt to get a weeks worth of energy out...

Going old school, playing Mother-May-I with some of our Via family.

October is a big month for our ministry, busy with a lot of exciting things...sharing at churches, holding a celebration and benefit dinner, a trip to Madagascar, and of course...the work continues every day at the House of Hope in Haiti. There's too much to write today, but I really need to take some time and update. Have I mentioned that I LOVE our job?!!!

I know its early and people get grumpy about seeing Christmas decorations out at stores before Halloween...but I gotta admit, I am already getting excited about it! Go ahead and get annoyed at me, its okay, I can handle it.

School is in full throttle these days. Our co-op started a few weeks ago and it's been a fun addition to our school schedule...

1st day of P3 co-op

Even Zoe has actually decided to "do school" for a few short minutes every day...

All of my kiddo's have started their school off with these A-is-for-apple print pictures =)

I just love finding her "signature" on her drawings.

And why not end with my coolest dude...

Um, when did he become a teenager?!

Happy soggy Thursday everyone!

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