Not Me Monday

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I do not have a secret infatuation with Greg Fischel.

In case you don't know who that is...He is WRAL's chief meteorologist.

I, therefore, do not know facts about him, such as his wife and kids names, where he is from, what church he attends, what instrument he plays and his news philosophy.

That would just be creepy.

1) Kathy
2) Brandon and Austin
3) Lancaster, PA
4) St. Francis United Methodist Church
5) Tuba
6) Content is more important than entertainment.

I do not enjoy the way he is so technical yet passionate about explaining such concepts as upper level disturbances and atmospheric pressure.

I certainly do not enjoy the way he gets excited at the prospect of winter precipitation just like I do. Elizabeth Gardner (or should I say...Debbie Downer) could learn a lesson or two from him.

He is after weatherman.

Oh no. Not me.

p.s. I am not joined in my admiration of Greg by my buddy, Tasha, either. Oh no. Not her.
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Tasha Via said...


Briana said...

this is funny, slightly disturbing with a chance of crazy headed in from the south east. heheheeheee

Emily said...

I'm down with Greg - especially ever since he sat in the WRAL fountain in his bathing suit, in the middle of winter after he predicted snow and it didn't happen.

Jeremiah said...

Yea, so...not sure how I feel about this...

Kurt said...

I think he is a Nor'easter (you know, a regular blow hard)