Packing for vacation...and feeling blah

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We are heading out 1st thing tomorrow morning for the great state of Florida for some family togetherness with Jeremiah's family (AKA: Gramma and PawPaw, Aunt Addie and kids). Unfortunately, I woke up with some sort of bug yesterday morning that I just can't seem to shake. If you know me, I usually become somewhat crazy just before leaving for a trip:

Did I make the list of things to pack?
Did I pack everything on the list?
Did I feed the birds and cats extra?
Did I water the outdoor plants?
Did I water the indoor plants?
Did I pay the bills?
Did I clean out the fridge?
Did I empty the trash? (Nothing worse than coming home to a stinky house!)
And so on and so forth...

However, this little bug has zapped my energy. We just might leave tomorrow without having done everything on my list.

Scandalous, I know!

PawPaw and Granny...get ready for us!
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Tasha Via said...

Ahh, sorry Jenn=( Hopefully you'll feel like a new women in the morning!

Kelly Via said...

You rebelious woman you! Have a great time on vacation and I hope that bug is gone TODAY so you can enjoy Florida and Family! We'll miss you at Wednesday lunch!