wild animal sighting

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There has been a wild animal roaming around our house the past week. I finally managed to capture it on camera in the backyard.

At first it was shy and didn't want to show its face...

But I managed to bribe it with some promises of candy and it decided to smile for me...

Have you ever seen a cuter lion in the world? Seriously.


Sidenote: Eli more than makes up for Ezra's refusal to wear anything remotely resembling a costume. Or hat. Or gloves. Or any form of accessory. Eli would sleep in this (or the spiderman costume!) if I let him.
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Nope, never seen a cuter lion than him! Just adorable!

Jeanne said...

Well, actually I have seen another really cute lion (I miss him being so little) but Eli is the cutest one right now for sure! I can't wait to see him as Spidey.

Allyson said...

soooooo cute!

Pam said...