brotherly motherly love

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the boys were all dressed up for our christmas eve service a few weeks ago.
so, of course i had to take advantage and record their cuteness.
so many things about this picture make my heart smile.

eli put his arm around his brother on his own accord.
this is the face ezra gives me when i take a picture of him 99% of the time now.
and yes, i know they don't have shoes on and ezra is missing his socks.
my kids believe that socks are a punishment.
weird but cute.

i love them.
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Erin Snyder said...

this picture is awesome! love it!

mommajeane said...

Love them !

DebHambrick said...

GREAT Pic!! I love it! I too believe that socks are a punishment...except on days like today... its 30 degrees in FLORIDA! I have on two pair! ;-)
WWWHAAAT? ...but not to worry, going to be 70 on Saturday!

Tasha Via said...

Oh.My.Goodness! That is by far the cutest picture I've ever seen of those two:) Love them!!!!

Busy Mama said...

Cute!!! Great picture! We hope y'all are doing well!

cate said...

They look adorable. I love them both

that is one precious photo :)

Kelly Via said...

adorable! I love this photo!!