zoe elizabeth: 5 Months

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Oh. My. Goodness.
Let the fun begin.
I love all the stages of my children. Really I do.
But I love love love 5 months.

And I just know that Zoe is not going to disappoint.

She is so much fun right now.
And her wonder at the world around her is absolutely contagious...

She is 17lbs, as of last week, when she had a doctors appointment.
Chunky monkey with a side of thunder thighs.
Yes, please.

She is such a happy girl. And loud, oh my...the girl is loud. I call her my little teradactyl because she sounds like what I imagine a little teradactyl sounds like. Writing it out I realize how ridiculous this sounds and maybe I need to rethink this nickname for her.

Speaking of nicknames...all the kids call her zooble or zho-zho bear. And stinky booty on occasion.

It looks like her dark hair just might be sticking around as her "new" hair is coming in just as dark. How bout that?!

She is the queen of silly expressions...

She had her first cold which turned into her first ear infection last week. Poor thing is following in her siblings (and moms) footsteps and starting early on the whole ear infection thing.

The following two pictures are fuzzy. And her hands look oddly out of proportion to her body. However, they document the newest tricks of my Zoe: getting up on all fours and sitting up unassisted. And she totally freaked me out when I went to get her up from her nap yesterday and she was SITTING UP. Oh no...you had better believe I will be discouraging this activity. This momma is NOT ready for any mobility for at least a few more months.

We also have experimented some with bananas and letting her have tastes of whatever we are eating. Nothing on a consistent basis yet, as again, I am prolonging any extra steps in the whole feeding process as long as possible.

She is a drool monster and you can see two teeth on the bottom just waiting to make their appearance, but nothing popping through just yet.

After a really difficult period from Thanksgiving to Christmas...she is now sleeping great for me again. I really think it was all the change and transitions that were happening in our life that affected her. She typically goes down between 7-8pm every night and wakes up around 7am. She takes two 2 hours+ naps during the day and occasionally a catnap over dinnertime. 

She loves her siblings. 
And being outside. 
And has finally decided that she is going to commit to her paci.
She loves "rough housing" with her Daddy.
And being right in the middle of everything.

Happy five months sweet Zoe...
Oh, how you are loved!

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DebHambrick said...

she's my beautiful zoe! Wish I could hold her right now!!

love love that the dark hair is gonna stay!

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she's perfectly adorable :)

Kelly Via said...

Happy five months! She is just precious! She looks like such a big girl doing her new tricks!