Eli Cade: 18 months Update

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A year and a half.

That sounds so...established.

And that's how it feels.
Eli has established a place within our family and within our hearts.
And we have established a place within his.

Little things I take for granted now...the way he easily scales a ladder or instigates a wrestling match with Ezra...speak volumes of the mountains he has climbed these last 18 months.

Physically he gets stronger and more confident in his abilities every week. Just this week he actually attempted to go across the monkey bars. That is huge, people. Huge. We go this week for his 6 month follow-up from his surgery. I can't believe it has been 6 months...but, I am oh so glad to be on this side of it.

We still go to speech and occupational therapy weekly and I am encouraged to see small but steady progress. We had to change therapists with the move and I'll admit I was nervous because we had built up a good relationship with the others...but, I shouldn't be (once again) surprised by God's provision. Our new therapists are awesome with Eli!

Starting more formal "school" with him has had its challenges...but I am learning how he learns, how to teach him, what his strengths are, what he needs extra work on...and have considerably reevaluated my goals for him in order for them to be challenging yet attainable. I kinda like preserving the last 10% of sanity that remains in me.

As more and more time has gone it has been fun to see the "real" Eli emerge...he is a quietly spunky kid with the gentlest spirit you will ever find.  If you ask him he says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up so that he can "take the bad guys to jail."

I can totally see that.
Sort of.

He loves his siblings and is my best entertainer for Zoe. He will do anything Ella asks of him (which she likes to abuse on a constant basis...) and consistently beats Ezra in their wrestling matches now. He loves riding his bike and playing in the sandbox. He loves movies. He still eats pretty much anything and everything...although he has the biggest sweet tooth and still loves spicy foods the best.

When I think back on all he has overcome in his short life I am overwhelmed by his bravery.
He is my hero.
And I'm so glad I get to be his mom.

Love you Eli Cade!

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mommajeane said...

...and I love being his nana. I love his pure and gentle spirit too and who wouldn't love those big ole eyes and darling lips of his.

Stacey said...

Made me cry. Geesh. =)

Joe said...

I love him so much and I'm soo happy I'm his uncle ...

DebHambrick said...

I love you too Eli Cade! Jenn you made me cry to think of all the milestones he had overcome. I KNOW God has some huge plans for his life! I can't wait to watch it unfold!

Erin said...

Isn't it awesome to look back and see how far they have come? That's what keeps me going sometimes when I'm in the trenches and discouraged. Eli sounds like a very special little boy!

Heather said...