not me monday

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I do not have, um...issues with my new driveway. And garage.

So, of course, I have not backed into the rock wall that borders the driveway, oh, three or so times.

And I have not shut the garage door on the back of the van.

My kids don't have any issues either. And don't get their bikes wedged in between our two cars. Ever.

Of course not.

Not us.

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I came across your blog randomly a while ago. "faith, family, frugality and life on the farm" caught my eye. I pop in every now and then. I really enjoy your 'not me monday' posts. People try so hard to keep up an illusion of perfect lives. It seems like a lot to live up to. So, it's a comforting reminder that, in fact, none of us are perfect...and it's perfectly fine. Thank you for sharing.